As a true partner in finding solutions
for increasingly diversifying business challenges,
we work closely with our clients.
Incorporating the latest digital trends and
ad technologies, we achieve goals
by maximizing our integrated creative capabilities.
Capitalizing on extensive resources and coordinating
the six main business areas of the ADK Group,
we work as a united team to provide optimum solutions.


Drastic changes are occurring in our social environment and competition is intensifying in the business world.
Seizing consumer insight and getting to the core of issues will be key in making communication strategies successful.
From branding to solving business issues, our strategic planners will help design strategies covering extensive areas.


We are a group of creative professionals full of originality, and proudly present to our clients the most relevant solutions as their trusted collaborator.
Our excitingly innovative, and irresistible ideas are the creative answers to every project we undertake.
We also act as story-tellers building a brand-experience that gives consumers an authentic thrill through the marketing funnel, which encourages them to become customers, and then turn them into loyal fans of brands all along the way.


Professionals in activation will create new customer experiences by fully utilizing customer behavior data, and integrating the real and digital worlds.
Designing fully integrated communication plans to execution and operation of events and campaigns, the activation teams will produce the total campaign to make sure consumers are activated.


How do we integrate with the real world? How can we collaborate with mass media?
Professionals in digital areas will provide digital solutions that will maximize experiential value using the latest technology and innovative ideas.
From planning digital communication strategies to designing brand sites, creating digital movie ads, and operating SNS fan communities.
Our digital experts cover everything digital.


Experienced producers who specialize in various areas will control the budget and propose the optimum plan for production.
With dependable execution capabilities and sound ideas, high-quality creative output will be achieved.
TV commercials, movies, graphics, digital creative, campaign schemes, events, PR, etc.
Our producers cover the entire spectrum of creative work.


The Account Producers are the account persons in charge at ADK Creative One.
From creative development to activation and digital, the Account Producer will propose the best team to solve clients’ issues and lead projects to achieve successful results.
With various tools and a wealth of experience, they will support the creation of new business as dependable business partners.