Dedicated to All Dads

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With Hiroshi NOHARA, the father of the popular anime character Crayon Shinchan as the main character, an original web movie, OOH, etc. were created depicting the emotions and bonds of the NOHARA family over 5 years from Shinchan’s birth. This was a message from Suntory coffee CRAFT BOSS, wishing hard-working fathers like Hiroshi will feel they can “Make tomorrow another great day” and was developed with an SNS campaign. The campaign received large numbers of sympathetic comments, especially from fathers.

ADK Staff
  • Creative Director Emi MURAKAMI
  • Planner Ryuko SATO, Yasushi GOTO, Kazuo FUJIKI, Tetsuhiro YOTSUTANI
  • Copywriter Jin KOMAKI, Atsuko NISHIHATA
  • Art Director / Designer Ryo MIYANO
  • Director Kazuo FUJIKI
  • Producer Kazutaka NAGASAWA
  • Production Manager Suzuka IIMURA
  • Editor Hirotaka ISHIMATSU
  • Mixer Tomohiko EZOE
  • Retouch Yohei NAKAMURA
  • Communication Director Naoko TAKAHASHI, Ryosuke KAGATA
  • Web Director Yuko HABA
  • Content Producer Jun SHIMANE, Kie YOSHIKAWA
  • Account Executive Kotaro TAKEBE, Toru SHIMIZU, Misato TOGAWA, Miyuki AKIMOTO


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