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To enhance the DOCOMO brand in terms of their perspective on product-design, an exhibition was held over 9 days at the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT gallery at the Design Museum. ADK played the role of curator for this exhibition, where 13 creators such as architects, modern artists, creative directors, and academics exhibited products which they found, have “ambiguous appeal.”

The exhibition aimed to express DOCOMO’s approach towards design, which is not just a linear pursuit of technology, but an exploration of the value of richness. Starting with the concept of “ambiguity,” the significance of the value of the senses was highlighted, offering space to experience ambiguity through thought and imagination while accepting its unknown possibilities.

ADK Staff
  • Creative Director Katsuya FUJIMOTO(addict)
  • Planner Makoto UEDA(addict)・Minori NISHIDA(addict)
  • Art Director Taku KASAHARA(addict)
  • Retouch Yohei NAKAMURA
  • Account Executive Tsutomu HORIUCHI・Kojiro OKA・Yukako WATANABE


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