ADK Group win Grand Prix at the CICLOPE 2019


11 / 15 . 2019

ADK Group is pleased to announce that work created by ADK Marketing Solutions and its creative boutique, CHERRY been awarded Grand Prix for “What happened?” for HECATE at the CICLOPE festival 2019 which is award show dedicated to craft in moving image. The festival was held in Berlin, Germany from November 7 and 8, 2019.

Please see below for details of the awarded work.


<Grand Prix>
Client: HECATE
Title: What happened?
Agency: CHERRY /ADK Marketing Solutions


The movie “What happened?” ver. is able to give us visual experience of the concept and the world of HECATE which is the invigorative non-alcohol party drink. The chaos happening has occurred at the apartment where a certain family live. What was the reason for it? Please enjoy it with the mood of participating the buzzer quiz show, now “How did it happen?”.