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Bicycle Association Japan

In Japan, the number of accidents caused by defective bicycles has increased in recent years. Bicycle Association Japan, an organization that conducts bicycle safety inspections needed to raise the awareness of their “BAA” logo. Their logo is an indication that the bicycle has passed all the demanding tests. We created an online film to raise awareness of their “BAA” logo. In the video, the bicycles are replaced with real people. Fumiaki Tanaka, a Japanese rugby player who prominently led the Japan National team to the frontline during the Rugby World Cup 2019 was cast as the story’s protagonist. With his robust frame, he becomes the bicycle itself, facing all the challenges, and passing each test as any bicycle would have to do. This way we turned the subject of a “bicycle inspection” into exciting content with the entertainment value of an action/horror film combined with the quality of a sports brand commercial. With its cinematic quality, unique story, and unexpected twists, the video became a favorite of many viewers. The reaction was very positive. With over 10 million views the video remains as a hot topic on social media garnishing many comments and likes.


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