UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.

Pucho Aahn (Open your mouth for Pucho) 4D Goggles

The product “Pucho” was turned into a game called “Pucho-aahn” (meaning, open your mouth for Pucho). A VR gadget called “Pucho-aahn Goggles” was created, in which a robot arm synchronizes with the video, and viewers can virtually experience popular actress Kanna Hashimoto appear and hold out a Pucho for the viewer. The product movie received more than18 million views. Not only was the movie viewed by the campaign target in Japan, it was also taken up on social networks in other countries as well, and contributed to sales increase in overseas markets. (The campaign ran in 2018. Talent contract has expired.)



Creative Director + Planner: Kensuke MORITA / Planner + Copywriter: Masafumi TAKEDA