RaaS Solution THE-ST

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  • Graphic
  • PR
  • Event

The OMO Store (NEW POINT x THE-ST), where both the real world and metaverse can be experienced through a smart toy, was launched for a limited time only in a shopping mall.

For new business development in the RaaS solutions area called THE-ST, addict was involved from conceptual planning, and took charge of communication design including naming / logo / graphics development, spatial design, experiential design for UI / UX, advertising promotion and PR.

For this store, ADK CO curated 7 smart toys to provide a new experience in selecting toys for children and their parents to enjoy together. The store environment was digitally transformed through a cloud camera, and an original dashboard, in which the offline and online behavioral data were connected, was provided to the brands that displayed their booth. Through a triple layer “store that does not sell products,” that crosses over online, real world, and metaverse, new value was created for both consumers and exhibiting companies.

ADK Staff
  • Creative Director Katsuya FUJIMOTO(addict)
  • Planner / Creative Technologist Kenshiro SADAKA(addict)
  • Planner / Copywriter Makoto UEDA(addict)
  • Planner Minori NISHIDA(addict)
  • Art Director Taku KASAHARA(addict)
  • Designer Mayuko INOUE
  • Retouch Yohei NAKAMURA
  • Producer Hiromichi YAMAGUCHI
  • Account Team Tsutomu HORIUCHI


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