Make it a runway.

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This was a Stories campaign utilizing the Instagram accounts of popular celebrities. Initially, fans did not perceive the posts as advertising.

On the Instagram accounts of actress Fumi Nikaido and actor Nobuaki Kaneko, a 15-second movie of the celebrities posing on “runways” they made out of daily situations, were posted with the hashtag #15SecRunway every day for 7 straight days. Neither the name or logo of the brand was disclosed, generating interest and questions such as, “Is this a private post?”, and “Is this an ad for something?” Even though there was no media fee spent, nor any press release disseminated, the media conversion was equivalent of 350 million JPY, with 14.5 million views and 400,000 retweets. (Campaign was held in 2018)

ADK Staff
  • Creative Director Fumiaki TAKEUCHI
  • Art Director Kenjo OHASHI
  • Creative Producer Kanako NAKAGAWA
  • Account Team Hiroaki SAITO, Muneyuki MOTOMURA, Kazuki OKAMURA


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