ZENT Co., Ltd.

Let’s go 100%

In this campaign, Thelma Aoyama, a popular singer, and 25 elite ZENT warriors face one another in various types of games. The commercial was made up from good cuts selected from the 25 web movies. From the shops, the one most played back among the 25 web movies was presented with a surprise from Thelma Aoyama on October 10, which is ZENT Day. The teaser commercial featured Thelma, who did not know anything about ZENT, and a “Gallery of rejected ZENT TVCs” where storyboards of commercials that didn’t quite make it were made into a gallery. These pre-launch activities also lead to excitement among fans.



Creative Director: Masaharu OSAWA / Planner: Soma ONO / Copywriter: Akiko MITSUI / Creative Producer: Shunichiro OBUCHI / Casting: Masao ANDO (A-Bridge)/ Account Team: Nobuyuki TANAKA, Takahiro SAKURADA