ADK Creative One launches a new Creative Boutique, FACT


5 / 7 . 2019

ADK Creative One Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenji Morinaga, to be referred to as “ADK CO”), is in the process of building a boutique satellite structure in which multiple creative boutiques with distinct characteristics will be launched. This will allow the creative agency to provide a wide variety of creative solutions to meet the needs of clients in this multi-faceted, diversifying communications industry. As the most recent development, Masato Mitsudera, Executive Creative Director of ADK CO, has launched the creative boutique FACT, based on a concept he has been pursuing.



The following describes the new creative boutique, FACT:

[FACT Concept]
Shedding light on valuable facts, creating what moves people
With abundance of goods and overflow of information, it is no longer possible to grab people’s attention simply by conveying the available information on products or services. FACT aims to seek or even create with clients, the valuable facts that have not been discovered, to activate people.
Not simply listening to the client’s brief as previously done, but building proposals based on discoveries. The real issues or intentions behind a brief must be found, so that ideas can be developed utilizing valuable facts that will move people. FACT will have conversations with clients as their creative partners to make this possible. And to stay on top of what is happening, social issues and facts that can lead to solutions will constantly be observed, to construct ideas for proactive proposals to brands, companies and municipalities.


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics, the 2025 Osaka Expo and the SDGs toward 2030. With these goals ahead, many Japanese corporations consider CSV management to be an important evolution. Companies and brands are required more than ever, to reassess their existence, think about how to realize both social and economic values, and to put these to practice. This means we have entered the competition to find “the values that will activate people.” FACT will strive to be the most dependable partner for this objective.


【Company Information】
Company Name:FACT INC.
Company Address:NAKAME GALLERY STREET K2, 2-43-20 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku,Tokyo
Founded:May 7, 2019
President:CEO Masato Mitsudera
Representative:Co-CEO Yoshitora Saeki
Director:Taichi Harada
Auditor:Manabu Sasaki
Number of Employees:6