Guinness Beer / Chill in GUINNESS

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  • Design
  • PR
  • Event

This was a PR project initiated by the premium beer brand GUINNESS to build engagement with young people. To appeal to young people who are particular about their lifestyles and who tend to shy away from ads, a Product Shop by GUINNESS provided a place to experience a night to chill out.

GUINNESS collaborated with 5 creators: Kantanna Yume,Saihate Tahi,MICO×PAMM,ikki kobayashi,and Ex. Flower Shop & Laboratory to develop a drinks+alpha marriage project where GUINNESS could be experienced through the five senses. Products were sold through CAMPFIRE, one of the largest crowdfunding sites in Japan, which proved effective in calling for purchases to support the project. There was buzz created through the creators’ social media posts and media PR, with some of the products becoming so popular, they sold out in a few hours.

A PR event was also conducted to provide the GUINNESS brand experience. The space was produced by world-renowned artist YOSHIROTTEN, and an exquisite world of “Chill-living” was provided, including a special live performance by music artist んhoon(hoon [huːn]). Attended by numerous media and Influencers, images of people enjoying GUINNESS spread, and successfully led to raising interest among the young targets.

ADK Staff
  • Communication Director / Planner Yuta MEGURI
  • Planner Haruna SUMIDA
  • Art Director Shohei OKAMOTO
  • Copywriter Yu SUGITA
  • Event Producer Yo WATANABE


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