Black Hole Recorder

The “Useless Prototyping Studio” was established around the Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences (iTHEMS) program of RIKEN. With the objective of building new relationships between science and the world, the studio is active as a design studio to create prototypes that seem useless at first glance but can inspire people’s minds.

The Black Hole Recorder, the first project, is a gramophone-type prototype, imagined from the question, “What is the inside of a Black Hole like?” leading to possibilities for the distant future, where “The Black Hole could be a high-capacity storage for storing information.” Introduced at press conferences and through display at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), the prototype drew attention not only from science fans but from a wide target.



Creative Director + Creative Technologist: Kenshiro SADAKA (addict), Yoshihiro KOZUKA (addict) / Copywriters: Satoshi INNAMI, Eriko TSUTSUMI / Intermedia Designer: Minori NISHIDA (addict) / Planner: Haruka KODAMA / Designer: Shota KONNO / Producer: Kanako NAKAGAWA / Strategic Planner: Yasuhiro KUBO / Account Executive: Chikara YAMAKAWA