Keihan Group SDGs / Let’s make the future fun

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Keihan Holdings Co., Ltd.

This is an SDGs ad for the Keihan Group, consisting of approximately 50 companies including Keihan Railway, Keihan Department Store, Keihan Real Estate and Hirakata Park. It is a promotion called BIOSTYLE PROJECT, calling for action to group companies to achieve, along with their users, the SDGs for the entire Group. The slogan is, “Let’s make the future fun.” And the series of ads suggest various activities aiming to achieve a circular society where we can all do what is good for people and for the Earth, every day in our daily lives, in a fun and natural way.

ADK Staff
  • Creative Director Eiji GODA
  • Copywriter Risa HIRAIWA, Hidetoshi KONDO
  • Art Director Takahide KAWASAKI
  • Designer Haruka IKEDA
  • Producer Natsumi OGAWA
  • Strategic Planner Takashi INOUE
  • Account Team Masanori YAMAGUCHI, Yusuke INOUE, Atsuo KATAYAMA


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