Kellogg (Japan) G.K.

Pringles / Run, Melos!

Japanese YouTuber kemio, who has been assigned to be the Pringles ambassador, gives a bazooka shot to Melos as he seems to be giving up on running. Through experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan has taken on an air of resignation, and the aim of this commercial was to deliver powerful energy from Pringles.

In addition to the surprise casting of kemio, the commercial is pure slapstick, and many favorable comments were posted about the nostalgic feel. The campaign contributed greatly to brand engagement.



Creative Director: Fumiaki TAKEUCHI / Planner: Toshiki IMAI, Copywriter: Mai SATO / Art Director: Yoshiyuki KANEKO / Strategic Planners: Yasuhiro KUBO, Takayuki OKINA / Casting Team: Takashi MURAKAMI, Risa SADAKATA / Account Team: Toru HARA, Keiichiro MISUMI, Hisashi TABATA