Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Tomorrow will also be Hare, Kuraray

Kuraray Group will celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2026, and with their mid-term management plan starting in 2022, they launched a new corporate campaign in April with the copy, “Tomorrow will be hare Kuraray.” (hare is the Japanese word for sunny, or something to celebrate, and rhymes with Kuraray),

Depicted in the campaign are days of small celebrations or achievements, and Kuraray employees who are hard at work to make these possible. The campaign expresses how students and Kuraray employees are connected through their hopes for the future, centering on Kuraray material, which are unexpectedly being used in everyday lives. The tonality was created based on white and refreshing colors, to convey the sincere commitments of the company, with positive stories.



Creative Director + Art Director: Kota TSUKAMOTO / Planners: Masami UTO, Yasushi GOTO, Keisuke JITSUNO, Nahoko WAKIDA/ Copywriter: Mai SATO / Art Director:Takeshi YAMAMOTO, Seika MAEKAWA / Producer: Subaru SHIOTSUBO / Associate Producer: Ayaha FUJIKI / Account Team: Shintaro IKE, Eijiro KONDO, Wataru UEMURA