Margin to Imagine The future and design slightly ahead of our time

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With the objective of raising the brand image of DOCOMO from the product design perspective, a 9-day exhibition was held at the design museum 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 3. By expressing the “margin,” opportunities were offered to experience the “possibilities for the not-too-distant-future.”

Not just a linear development of the technological axis, nor just about efficiency, the design policy of DOCOMO to seek the value of fulfilment was embellished in the concept of “margin” and prototypes produced in collaboration with 3 NTT DOCOMO product designers were displayed alongside the sketches and material used. A structure that inspires imagination through spatial design and experiential planning based on Tadao Ando’s architectural work was prepared, so that the display would not just be a forced definition of the future, but a possibility of design to ponder and co-create.

ADK Staff
  • Creative Director Katsuya FUJIMOTO(addict)
  • Planner Makoto UEDA(addict), Minori NISHIDA(addict)
  • Art Director Taku KASAHARA(addict)
  • Retouch Yohei NAKAMURA, Kaori YAMADA
  • Printing Director Yuki MATSUNAGA
  • Account Team Tsutomu HORIUCHI, Kojiro OKA


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