Special Paper of Thanks for the 20 Years since Birth

Over 50 years since its launch, ORONAMIN C, a carbonated nutrition drink, was becoming an aging brand and needed to strengthen engagement with a younger market.
On the morning of the day of the Coming of Age Ceremony, the top page of a newspaper was delivered as a letter from 20-year-old children to their parents. The newspaper consisted of a large childhood photograph printed on top of the front page of the newspaper published on the day the 20-year-old was born, with a current photograph and message to their parents and those who have supported them, on the back page. As an original newspaper to commemorate the special day, the special papers were delivered to 118 families nationwide.
On the day of the Coming of Age Ceremony, the papers were featured on numerous TV news shows and other programs. The topic appealed to young people and succeeded in making the newspaper itself a diffusion device on SNS.