Rakuten Mobile, Inc.

Woops! Iniesta did a hand(ball).

This is a TV commercial for a new mobile terminal from Rakuten Mobile called Rakuten Hand.

The sales point for the product is that it is just the right size to fit in your hand, and this was utilized in developing the creative idea.

It is a charming and comical commercial where the football player Andrés Iniesta appears, seeming like he has performed a handball, but it is actually the introduction of the Rakuten Hand. The USP and the product name were conveyed simultaneously and contributed to sales. The product sold out while the commercial was still airing and the TVC had to be stopped ahead of schedule.



Creative Director: Masaharu OSAWA / Planners: Shojiro MIYATA, Masaya ADACHI, Kodai FUKUSHIMA / Art Director: Takeshi YAMAMOTO / Producers: Hayato OSERA, Chiharu OOKIDO / Production Managers: Kei TAKEDA, Satomi USUI / Account Team: Tomoya EGAWA, Masahiro HIRAIDE, Kazuma HAYASHI