Shiseido Japan Co. Ltd.

ELIXIR / What we can do now.

This sustainability campaign for the skincare brand ELIXIR was developed to have consumers become aware of refillable products. Collaborating with the anime Doraemon, an original 3D movie was created where Shizuka-chan is 35 years old. The setting allowed the target to realize that environmental issues concern them as well. At the stores, promotional activities were conducted where reusable shopping bags created for the campaign were given away, to promote purchase of refillable products.



Executive Creative Director: Takeshi TSUJI / Creative Director + Copywriter: Mari HOSOKAWA / Planner: Masami UTO / Art Director / Ryo HASEGAWA / Designer: Haruka OTA / Creative Producer: Shunichiro OBUCHI / Producers: Akihiro NAKAMURA, Yasuhiro KAWASAKI, Erika KATSUMATA, Nami ISHII / Production Manager: Puichi TANG / Account Team: Kazuki ITO / Hisaaki INUI